A Writing Journey

The following is an excerpt from chapter four of my manuscript. The working title is  (as you can see) Dragon Spirit. Enjoy!

In the light of the stars I made my way to the docks. The streets were quiet, even the merry-makers had gone to bed. Everyone wanted to be there in the morning when we set sail.

Only the Simea was docked. The other six ships were at anchor in the calm waters made by the harbor walls. Those were the walls for which Ruslaht was famed. I gazed out at the ships and wondered at them. I saw only the beauty of their sleek shapes, not the mathematics behind their design. Could these vessels truly carry us across the Edges?

I leaned against the stage that had been constructed for the morrow and breathed deep the smell of the sea. I had known the scent my whole life, first in Ohmlaur and then here in Ruslaht. Would it be different when only a few planks separated me from the waves? I glanced behind me at the dark city. Would this change in my absence? How could I leave knowing that I might never come back?

The answer was simple. I would go because of the people. They did not even know they were in danger. I had seen what fear could do to a person, seen Tomis break under its weight. I would do my part to save them. For them, for my Tomis, I would go.

I turned back to the harbor. There were no ripples on the water, the stars were painted on the glassy surface in a poor recreation of the sky above. The ships were silent, waiting for the life their occupants would bring.

I shook my head, a wry smile blooming on my lips. Tonight they were just ships, but tomorrow they would become the prince’s fleet.

Take care, fellow travelers!


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