A Writing Journey

Hello! Part six is here for your enjoyment!

Harayin made it is mission to build up the kingdom. He began construction of the Harbor Walls in Rusla; he expanded Rusla and renamed it Ruslaht; he took up the restoration of the temples in Ohmlaur and he commissioned the border post Talahm to be built into a city.

Harayin married in the third year of his rule. His wife was a Salvyni woman called Mita and she was only eighteen when she was crowned queen. She had two sons, the elder called Eeryon and the younger called Ehdre. Mita knew that Eeryon was not Harayin’s son, for she had taken up an affair with a Salvyni craftsman twice her age. She hoped only that Harayin would recognize Ehdre as heir. But Harayin died before naming an heir and Mita felt it her duty to tell her sons the truth, so that Ehdre could rule.

Enraged, Eeryon murdered Mita and blamed Ehdre for it, driving the true heir out of Ruslaht and into hiding. Ehdre gathered an army in secret and marched on Ruslaht. Thus began the Brothers’ War.

For the next eighty years the war raged. The kingdom was left in ruins and it’s people filled with anger. The War at last came to an end when Ira, a daughter of Eeryon’s line, sided with Rindre, descendent of Ehdre. Ira helped Rindre to destroy her family and reclaim the throne.

Sickened by the war, Rindre and Ira married and taught their children to value and protect peace, as the gods had long ago instructed. Hodre, son of Ira and Rindre, rebuilt the kingdom and friendships with other nations. For the next five generations, the kings of Ibvail struggled to follow the teachings of the Path and hold peace in place. That peace was shattered when Filedre was forced to defend his northern subjects once more against the people of the Ice Hills, a duty that he passed on to his son and grandson. It was at the dawn of Paridre’s rule, great-grandson to Filedre, that the attacks ceased. Paridre maintained the Ibvailyn army, in case attack came again, but he did not make an aggressive move towards the Ice Hills.

Ottdre, son of Paridre, returned to the ways of peace. He banned all killing and disbanded the army. Under his rule, the kingdom breathed easier. He ruled gently and with great compassion. But upon Ottdre’s death his son Sohndre seized complete control from his siblings and crowned himself First Emperor of the Ibvailyn Empire.

So ended the Time of Kings.

Take care, fellow travelers!


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