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Details Count

It’s happened to all of us. There you are, reading a book that isn’t so bad, and then something wrong jumps out at you. It could be a change of a character’s eye-color, or an incorrect fact or term. What spurred me to this post? I was reading a book and the main female took a comb to her curly hair.

Excuse me while I scream in frustration.

I have naturally curly hair. The only time I brush or come my hair is right before I wash it, and that is only to get rid of the pesky strays. Why? Because curly hair, when combed or brushed, does very bad things. VERY bad. Suffice to say that it becomes untamable. And so when this character combed her hair to make it look better? I was very temped to throw the book across the room. The only reasoni didn’t is actually because I’m reading it on my phone.

So here is my point: the details matter. Someone knows more than you, that’s life. We can’t catch everything, but we can try. So you don’t have curly hair? Talk to someone who does. Put in the effort and your story – your readers – will thank you for it.

Take care, fellow travelers.

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  1. Yep, a little part of my soul dies whenever someone tells me in regards to my curly hair, “oh, just brush it, it’ll calm it down!” Yeah, right.

    The details really do make a story alive! My pet peeve is when fantasy authors have all the characters on horseback-possibly in the dead of winter or in a desert- and make no mention to any food or other care, or have the horses gallop for twenty miles straight. Uh, no.

    • Very true about the horses! It really isn’t that hard to do a little research and get the facts straight, or just mention that they feed and care for the horse. So many things like that get overlooked and it really detracts from the believability.
      Thanks for sharing and take care,

  2. katpersephone said:

    Absolutely agree! It’s the details that really help to bring a story to life, so why can’t writers take the time to get them right?

    • You hit the nail on the head. If we want to make writing our business we have to do it right, and that means putting in the effort to get the details right. Though we’re human and we don’t always catch everything. I will say that despite this error (which was repeated THROUGHOUT the book) I did really enjoy the story.

  3. I’m so happy right now to have read what you wrote about not being able to comb curly hair. I need to show my mum this.

  4. I’m always worrying about the details of my story. The small quirks that get me in fantasy are rather odd too. I get annoyed when warriors don’t clean their swords after a battle. Just terrible weapon maintenance.

    • Ah yes. That is one that has bothered me too. And that’s the sort of thing that is easy to know and write! I, too, am always stressing over the details. I think that is the biggest reason to let a variety of people read it before sending it to publishers – different people have different things they know and can correct.

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