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Please Excuse My Typos

Recently, I have been blogging from my phone. It’s convenient, especially when one does not have access to a reliable internet connection.* Unfortunately, it also paves the way for numerous typos, and for that I apologize. However, I do think that it provides an opportunity to discuss typos in writing (and in blogging).

When I was younger, finding a typo in a book was horrifying. Had these authors not put the time into their work that would have prevented such errors? Had the editors not cared enough to find every little mistake? Back then, a typo spoke to me of a story that the people putting it together didn’t care about. That saddened me, for I loved the stories.**

Since those years, I have learned that typos aren’t about not loving the worlds and stories we create – they are about being human. We all make mistakes. No matter how many eyes look at something – we can’t catch every error. Because we are human. When I realized this, I no longer worried about typos in books (well, not as much) and I have come to the point where they hardly distract me anymore. It’s the story I’m after, a relationship with the characters, not perfection.

This is also the case when it comes to blogs. Many of us who blog are doing it because we want to, not because it is a job. Now, I still cringe when I see typos in my posts, and others, but after a moment (or several hours) I shrug it off. We’re all human. We’re going to make mistakes. It’s just unfortunate when we make them where anyone can see, for unlimited time.

How do you feel about typos in books? In blogs?

Take care, fellow travelers.

*So now, I will be at the library multiple times a week, composing and revising my blog posts.

**Perhaps I’ve said it before, if I don’t love a book, I will not continue reading (unless, of course, it is a free kindle book and I have nothing else to do except dishes).

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Comments on: "Please Excuse My Typos" (8)

  1. On the whole, I don’t mind typos, especially on blogs. But in books, some can be jarring and take you right out of the story. I’ve bought a ridiculously fine comb to use on mine 😉

    • Glad to hear it! Yes, in books some typos can be jarring, especially if there are a lot of them. I have gotten to the point where, though I see the typo and definitely have an internal reaction, I can gloss over it without losing the flow of reading. I have much different standards for my own writing. I think we might have bought the same size comb. 😉
      Take care,

  2. If a blog post or book has just a few typos/mistakes here and there, that’s human error and that’s OK. But if there’s more than just a few, that’s carelessness, and it’ll probably make me wonder about the quality of the publisher or the blogger’s authority on his topic.

    • That is a good point. I find, that if a word is consistently misspelled or misused then I am more irritated. Likewise, several typos per page can be enough to make me question my sanity (especially if I keep reading!).
      Take care,

  3. I don’t have much of a problem with blog typos. I never edit my posts and am here simply to have fun and chat. It’s not really a job, so I don’t want to focus on the fun parts of what I’m doing. In books, it’s a different story. Indie authors get scolded a lot for typos and we’re looked at with a magnifying glass. Yet, I’ve run into typos in published novels all the time. It’s human error. You can have 10 beta readers, 12 editing runs, and 2 professional editors look over your work. There is still the chance that something will be missed because that’s life.

    • Exactly the point. We can’t always be perfect! I have seen some comments on blogs (and other sites) ranting about a typo in the post/article and so I know that some people really can’t forgive it, which is unfortunate. I am in the same boat as you: I am blogging to have fun and, hopefully, share some knowledge (or gain some!).
      Take care,

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