A Writing Journey

A Writer’s Strength

I would like to think that writing is one of my strengths. On some days, my writing really flops and at those times I seriously doubt that writing is something I should be doing. Lately, especially, I’ve been feeling this doubt. Not so much because my writing is bad so much as because I haven’t been doing any. A writer has to write, right? That’s why I started writing poems again. I haven’t consistently written poetry since high school, and this Poem-A-Day challenge that I put to myself is really reawakening the poet-within.

I am much more comfortable calling myself a poet than I am calling myself a writer. A lot of the time I find myself thinking that I am much better at writing poetry than I am at writing novels. Maybe that isn’t the case, maybe it is, but it doesn’t really matter one way or the other because I will continue to do both.

Something that I have re-learned lately is that a person has to write a lot of bad stuff to get at the good stuff. It’s like everyone always says: a first draft is a crappy draft. We’ve got to go through and edit time and again to get at the awesome stuff beneath all the crap. It’s the same way with poetry. A person has to write a lot of crappy poems to get to the good ones. Some days I go home and just scribble out whatever is in my head and get a very broken-up, stream-of-consciousness poem. But other times (like on Wednesday of last week) I can sit down and write a poem that means something – a poem that makes someone feel.

Do I get discouraged when I can’t be an awesome poet/writer 24/7? Absolutely. Do I get frustrated at all those crappy poems and chapters that I write? Of course I do. But I keep writing. Each day I write another poem, whether it’s a two line rhyme or a six-stanza piece. Sometime soon I will go back to QFS and finish this edit.

A writer’s strength is that she/he continues to write, even when it’s hard. A writer’s strength is that she/he takes what is in their soul, what is deep down inside, and makes something beautiful with it. A writer’s strength is creation.

Take care, fellow travelers.

Comments on: "A Writer’s Strength" (4)

  1. Lovely post, very honest. We all go through ups and downs with our writing, but perseverance is the key. Arran x

  2. “A writer’s strength is that she/he continues to write, even when it’s hard.”
    I agree. Can’t allow the mind and the pen to slow down. Thank you for your thoughts on a important topic.

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