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Books Becoming Movies

Let me tell you, I love when books are made into movies. I love seeing all the color and movement that I don’t get when I read (I think I’ve mentioned before that I am not very good at visualizing things when I read). I love sitting in a theater and knowing that everyone around me is as much in love with the story as I am (it’s really validating, to know that I am not as whacky as I feel!).


I don’t understand the craze of turning every YA book into a movie these days.* When I went to see “Catching Fire” there was  a preview for “Divergent” (one that I have not read) and it looks fantastic. One of my movie-going companions said “We have to read that and then go to it!” And I agreed. I want to read a book before I see its movie. Still, this got me thinking about all the books that have been made into movies. Here are some of the ones that pop immediately to my mind:

-The Outsiders

-Harry Potter

-The Hunger Games



-Lord of the Rings

-The Great Gatsby

-various novels by Jane Austen

Why is it that we have such a strong desire to take the written word and make it into a picture? Is it because, like me, many people cannot visualize the story and so, unlike me, do not read? Or is it because we have become addicted to the screen (whether it is a phone, computer, TV or any other screen you can think of)?

On another, perhaps more interesting note, why are so many YA books becoming movies these days? I don’t have the answer, I just have the question. If you have any insights, feel free to share!

Take care, fellow travelers.

*Okay, I know it’s not EVERY book, but it sure as heck feels like it.

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  1. I may be alone in this regard, but I think a lot of YA novels actual make for better movies than they do books. I thought The Hunger Games in particular was a so-so book, but I remembered thinking while I was reading it, ‘they could make a pretty good movie out of this.’ I felt the same way about The Book Thief. I wasn’t really blown away by the book itself, but judging by the trailers, the movie looks great… Can’t really explain why this is.

    • I agree. A lot of YA books are turned into much better movies! (Though I loved reading the Hunger Games, and I love the movies too!)
      Take care,

  2. It’s lifting on the proven success of a story. Big investment in new material is rare these days (look at all the remakes and serials) The best movies based on books are those that add something to the story, namely, a visual take. Often, when trying to remain too close to the book, it makes for a poorer movie.

  3. I think it’s because the books are already popular. Producers know that the movie will be successful because the book already was. There’s a built in audience that an original screenplay won’t have.

  4. I think it’s because the YA audience is the one most likely to buy movie tickets for something they love. They’ll bring their parents and siblings too. So, a movie company will take a story with a pre-existing fanbase to lock in sales to that audience. It’s a ‘safer’ bet than creating something entirely original that has to earn its merit on its debut instead of come in with a foundation.

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