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Finding shows on Netflix to watch anymore can be a difficult task for my boyfriend and I because we are trying to find something we’ll both like. We’ve come to making compromises – we’ll watch an episode of a show I like, then one of a show he likes. He wanted to try The Walking Dead. I’ve heard good things about it, but I’ll be honest: zombies aren’t my thing. But I went into it with ready to be proven wrong. Although I have only seen the first two episodes, I have proved to myself that zombies indeed are NOT my thing, and that the only reason I will keep watching the show is for my bf.

I’ll outline my major problems with the first couple episodes here (and keep you updated as I watch more).

1. Rick doesn’t ask what happened. Seriously? First thing I’m going to ask the people who rescue/abduct me is what happened? Maybe the writers of the show have that coming down the line, or maybe they assume a mention of the CDC will be enough. Well it’s not. And if it is coming later, I think that was an unwise idea.

2. When Rick is saying that his wife and kid must have left because their clothes and pictures are gone, he ignores another, more telling detail. The mailbox was stuffed full of mail, telling anyone who notices that the wife and kid left before zombies started chomping up neighbors. Not very impressed with Rick’s police work there.

3. I know I’m only two episodes in, but I am NOT impressed with the character development so far. Think back to BTVS – we got great character development the first episode. Not so with TWD. And maybe that is because they are relying on viewers natural tendency to watch the train wreck – that is, it’s gross and scary and we want to know what happens next (I use “we” pretty loosely here – I have no desire to continue TWD).

4. The obvious gross factor. During each of the first two episodes I found myself wanting to run to the bathroom to vomit. I get that zombies come with a level of grossness, but I feel the level these folks take it to is purely for the shock factor. You know how everything on TV seems to be getting more gruesome and violent? Yep, because nothing “shocks” us anymore. I wonder who gave TV people that idea? I’m pretty shocked by the simple stuff.

I know there are a lot of people who love the show. I’m not going to say no one should ever watch it, or you shouldn’t check it out and decide for yourself. I am only stating my reaction to the first two episodes. The show is decidedly not my style, but for many people it is. And I’m glad we all have something we want to watch (though for some of us it’s more Grey’s Anatomy or The Agents of Shield).

Take care.



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