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Flash Fictions

Do you like flash fiction? I’m undecided. I like the idea of quick writing exercises, but flash fiction never feels finished to me – it never feels like I know enough about the characters, the setting, the anything.

I’ve done flash fiction before – of the 300 word category. I know some have higher word counts, but that is almost too much for me – it says “get invested in this, then keep writing” which, in my opinion is not the point.

In the theme of flash fictions, I’ll leave my thoughts at that.

Adventure well,



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  1. I like the specificity of flash fictions. They’re snapshots. Hints of more below the surface. If a flash fic is done well then I won’t feel like the characters are deficient – I might wish to know more about them but it’s in a good way – a lingering, thoughtful way. I also like how flash fics are an opportunity to tell about a really interesting, evocative moment, one that would be too short for regular fiction but is still interesting enough to want to read about. Different stories are suited to different lengths – it’s all about picking the right length for your goal. And style matters too – I like stories that have a myth or fable feel to them, and those are by their nature very short. Too long and they lose that fable feel.

    • I agree about them being snapshots of am evocative moment. My “issue” (which isn’t an issue per se because i like flash fics) is that the snapshot makes me want to know more. Thanks for the conmment!

      • Hmm, maybe that wanting is a good thing though! Sometimes it’s better to end on a “want more” feeling than an “okay that’s enough” feeling. Depends on how they do it though, I’m sure. If the momentum just barely got started and then cut off, that’s not a very good flash fic.

  2. I have never done flash fiction. I have heard about hem but I tend to follow a lot of science fiction things (and we all that science fiction isn’t flash of anything!) Is there a particular site that you follow that you might share with me? I’ll be Googling more about flash fiction in the meantime.

  3. When I write flash ficton, it is to establish characters that I plan on revisiting later, but don’t have the time to invest in now.
    I agree that flash fiction generally makes me want to know more about the characters than what I was told.

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