A Writing Journey

I’ve hit a wall. A big wall. A wall that might not be climbable.

It’s QFS. You know,  the novel I’ve been working on for five years. I’ve recently been fiddling with it,  trying different angles for when it may (will?) be met with rejection. Because I want to make it better. So I’ve been working on new ideas on how to make it more. Not longer,  but deeper.

I suck at foreshadowing. Also at villains. And keeping secrets from readers. And plot. I’m terrible at figuring out how a plot and subplot go together.

So where am I with this wall?  Well,  I’m laying on the ground beneath it,  muddy and tired from trying so hard to get up and over after all these other obstacles.

I’ve been trying to improve.I’ve been trying to learn about plotting and foreshadowing and getting better. Nothing.

Maybe it isn’t meant to be. Maybe I’m supposed to not write. I have this crisis every couple of years. And then I get back to it after a few months. But it’s so hard to keep facing the same walls when you’ve tried to learn how to get around them.

I don’t know. I’m stuck.


Comments on: "What if it’s Not Meant to Be?" (8)

  1. […] I am not making any progress. My fellow blogger Emily describes this feeling very well in her post here. You eventually hit a wall, then lie down exhausted because you keep hitting the same wall. I go […]

  2. Walking away for a bit gives you fresh perspective.

  3. I hit walls like that myself sometimes. There are times when I try and add to my book and nothing comes out. When that happens I just write whatever comes out and keep it in a different folder. Sometimes I will go back and review and discover that with just a little reworking they can be used for the book.

    Something I always told the students I tutored when I was in college… Just write. Worry about making it good later.

  4. I feel like I have this crisis every week. I think writing is just like everything else with life (relationships, work, etc.)… you go through good times and you go through hard times. I guess you just have to weather the hard times.

  5. I go through this on a regular basis myself. I walk away for a while, but I always come back.

  6. I have a feeling you *are* getting better at all of these things. It’s just so hard to see it when you’re so close to the work.

    I don’t believe in the idea that some people aren’t “supposed” to write. The question is whether or not you enjoy writing enough to fight for it.

  7. I think you already answered your question: “I have this crisis every couple of years. And then I get back to it after a few months.” Writers have to write. If you keep coming back to it, then you are supposed to write.

    I’m sorry you are having problems and are so frustrated. Writing is hard. Super hard. But don’t they say, all things that matter in the end are hard? I also firmly believe that if it’s meant to happen it will happen. (Okay, enough with the not-so-helpful words of advice.)

    Have you ever heard of Storywonk? Lani Diane Rich and her husband, Alastair Stephens, have wonderful informative podcasts about writing. They also offer (cheap) writing classes. Also they have an awesome, friendly forum where writers can ask questions.

    Don’t give up just yet. Maybe take a break from your WIP. Check out Storywonk or other writing places online. Do you belong to a writing group? What about your local RWA chapter? I know when I’m in the writer-blues just listening to a SW podcast or talking with my writing friends helps get me out of my slump.

    Good luck and don’t give up hope. Only you can tell the story that’s in your head. And there are readers just waiting to meet your characters.


  8. I hope you will somehow overcome writing crisis and move forward with fresh and exciting ideas. We all from time to time hit the wall, but still your inspiration is waiting for you somewhere. Be persistent!

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