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About Found Poetry

I like writing poetry. Sometimes when I’m in a writing slump or trying to work myself out of one,  poetry is what gets it done.

Unfortunately,  most of my poetry is melodramatic and annoying (even to me) because how much poetry I write is directly related to a worsening mood.  Don’t get me wrong,  I have a lot of poems that I’m really proud of,  but even more that I throw in a shoebox for good.

Last year I  did a project where I wrote a poem a day.  Some stuff I’m proud of came out of that (which I shared on this blog), but when I fell into a rut I stopped the writing. Now I’m restarting that project,  but with a twist. At least one poem a week is going to be a found poem.

If you aren’t familiar with what a found poem is,  it is taking words that you find (I usually clip from old magazines,  but you can copy them from signs and stuff too) and put them together in a poem.

Found poetry can be a lot of work,  but it has a huge benefit to my thinking and my writing.  I don’t get to to choose from my stagnated vocabulary – words I dint use often are at the forefront of these poems. I don’t get to be melodramatic because the words I find don’t fit that. Sure,  sometimes the lines sound a little choppy,  but that’s great too,  because I end up trying different rhythms.

If you’re struggling with your writing,  our need something to mix it up,  our just want to try something new – I recommend found poetry.



Take care,  fellow travelers.


Round the self

Circles all the wealth –

Bounties of fortune

And promises of love.

Cradled by sunlight

And created by stardust

A broken spirit heals

When trust it feels.

Wholeness in ripples

Spreading simple

Through the body

Into the soul,

Memories and hopes

Build each life –

Compassion free-flowing

And inner-light glowing.

Wisdom will burn,

The sun return –

Drink up the blue sky,

Breathe in the warmth.

Now is forever,

Forever is always.

And circling round us each,

Intangible lessons to teach.


Poetry Corner – Finding Me

Who am I?
Questions stir my mind
And haunt my dreams.
My blood sings
A different song
Than the one I’ve learned.
Do I sing this new tune
And abandon the old?
Do I follow
The beating of my heart
Or the rules of my past.?
Who am I now
To take such risks,
Flying high and
Falling hard –
These peaks and valleys
Astound me –
How can I know
Who I am
When there is no steady line?
If I jump,
No net will catch me –
Do I take the risk
To live my life
Or remain in shadowed memories?
Can I discover
Who I am
Without risking
Everything I was?
Can I blend
This new, bold song
With the simple melody
Fading in my past?

Take care, fellow travelers.

Poetry Corner – Feelings

Today I feel…

I feel

I feel.

I don’t know what I feel.

Discomfort and unease

War for my attention –

A roiling, boiling


In the pit of my stomach

And a tightening

In my chest.

I don’t know the words

To put to these things

I feel.

“I feel” is like a lie –

“Happy,” “sad,” “angry,” “Glad” –

These are thoughts but we

Do not feel them.

We feel lumps in the throat

And tingling hands,

A sob building up in our chest

And behind our eyes.

Labeling thoughts and abstract ideas

As “feelings”

Is a disservice we’ve done ourselves.

Acknowledge the things we feel,

Connect them to our thoughts

But let them not be ruled by words –

Feelings are so much


Than how we describe them.


I feel.

I feel them in my core,

Deep down in my soul –

Not as musings in my mind,

But as sensations

In my body.

I feel.

I feel.

I remind myself of that –

That despite everything,

I feel.

Poetry Corner – Faith

Have faith –

To sail into

The Blue Beyond

And trust that you’ll get

Where you need to go.

Have faith –

To step off the path

Into wilderness

And blaze your own trail.

Have faith –

Faith will see you through

Believe in yourself,

Trust the Universe,

And have faith.

Poetry Corner – Missing

Something is missing

In this world.

Men domineer and

Women hate themselves –

Children cry because

They are alone,

Because they are hungry,

Because they are hurt.

Boys think it’s okay

To be a misogynist,

To disrespect their elders,

And that killing is cool.

Girls think they need

To diet in first grade,

To be cruel to others,

To objectify themselves.

Young men won’t speak out

When what they see is wrong.

Young women are afraid

To live alone.

Men won’t seek help

When they know they need it.

Women suffer in silence

As they are neglected.

Old men and women wait

For visitors that won’t come.

Something is missing

In this world.

Poetry Corner – Comfortable

I wanted to be

Like the other girls

In short-shorts

And low-cut tops,

Wearing make-up

In sexy new ways,

With perfectly styled hair.

I wanted to fit in.

But I was not comfortable

With what I had to do

For acceptance.

My heart was not in cruelty,

My comfort was in modesty.

I grew up on the outside

Of what I thought I wanted.

Now I am comfortable in

Skinny jeans and


Dress pants and


I am comfortable

With curly hair.

I am comfortable

With my body,

My beliefs.

I can be who I am

Without worry

That I won’t fit in,

Because I know I don’t

And I am comfortable with that.

I would rather read books,

Craft, and watch Doctor Who

Than pretend to be someone

I’m not.

Sure I have my parts

And they will all

Shine through sometimes,

But if you don’t want me –

I am comfortable with that.

I like who I am –

And others do to.

Take care, fellow travelers.


I overheard a conversation a couple of weeks ago and it really upset me. But rather than get in a fight with the people having the conversation, I wrote this instead.

Your sexist beliefs

Astound me.

How can you,

Or anyone,

Be so foolish?

Ah, you want your women

Quiet, withdrawn –

A toy for when you’re frisky.

Who are you

To say what I should be?

I will not bow

To your ignorance.

I will not stoop

To letting a misogynist rule me.

I am a woman

And I am strong.

I will not give in.

I will fight you every day

To earn and keep my rights.

I will fight you

Because you are wrong.

I am a woman and

I am a person.

I have rights and

I will keep them.

Take care, fellow travelers

Poetry Corner – Morning

Good morning, dears! Let your day be a brilliant one!

Listen to the morning

Let it fill you up.

Hear the wind in the brown leaves

And whispering through your hair.

A distant chime,

Lone chirping bird.

Slow down,

Take time.

Find peace in gentle morning,

Hold peace inside your heart.

Take care, fellow travelers.

Poetry Corner – All Things

Look around yourself –

Light and love surround you

Even when you can’t see it.

You are cradled by the universe –

A child of the stars.

When you weep creation weeps with you.

Your smallness doesn’t mean you

Are insignificant –

In contradiction, you have great power,

Purpose and strength –

A water drop shapes

The face of the mountain.

So too can you change the

Shape of the world.

Stardust spins within you –

When you change yourself

The universe changes with you.

Connecting everything is the

Past and future –

You are the grass,

You were the stars,

You will be the mighty tree.

Nothing is lost –

Only changes form.

Take care, fellow travelers.

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