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On Romance, Writing, and Words

I think I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to reading (and therefore writing). I’ve read a few romance novels in my time. I can’t really say whether I enjoyed them or not. There’s a thrill of reading them, probably because they have content that I was raised thinking “forbidden” or “dirty,” but the stories themselves aren’t what I want to read. The same goes for writing. I have learned, while writing my short story for my NaNo Prep Challenge, that I 100% do not want to write romances. A romantic subplot, sure. But not anything that could be put in the romance genre. It just isn’t for me*.

And where is this headed?  Well, I’m telling you that I will not be sharing my short story here. I am simply not comfortable with it. That isn’t what I want to write or be known for.

That being said, I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made! 7,512 words as of this evening. I probably won’t be writing any more tonight, but that’s good because I’m a little burnt out from it today. Tomorrow I will keep on going. I think, Unfortunately, that my first draft will be a little short unless I can string out some more events (I don’t know what, though!). Luckily, I’m on track for finishing before my 12 days are up so I can have time to add some more detail and edit and stuff to get my word count to 12,500.

Write on,


*Though if it is for you – that’s awesome! Keep at it!


The number of words I’ve written in my Nano writing prep challenge. Right on track! Though admittedly the story is not superb. Next one MAY be better.

Day 2 of NaNo Prep Challenge – Going Strong

So I’m really liking JotterPad. I can use it no matter where I am because I almost always have my phone with me. Like today, I was on break at work and taking a quick stroll outside and (you guessed it) writing. Sure, it wasn’t as relaxing as just walking, but it was a pretty great feeling knowing that I was working towards one of my other goals.

I didn’t write quite as much today (I’m sitting at 3841 words and don’t know if I’ll be adding to that tonight) but I’m okay with that. I worked ahead yesterday (when it flows, it flows, you know?) and so I am still almost a thousand words ahead of schedule. And 10 more days to go.

So a brief bit about the short story I am writing. For a while I’ve been thinking “I should try my hand at romance, just to test my skills.” Well, I don’t know if I could do a whole novel, but this short story romance is working out well. And it’s not quite a typical romance (admittedly I haven’t read very widely in the genre, so it could have it’s niche), and I really don’t particularly care for it, but I am proud that I’m writing something outside of my genre, and prouder still that I’m taking it seriously, even though I don’t like it (THANK YOU college for teaching me the value of putting your all into things you don’t like). Will I post it here when I’m done? I haven’t decided yet. It’s a romance so by it’s nature, there’s going to be a scene that I am not quite comfortable putting out there, but I also feel like I should share the dang thing since it’s my challenge! Maybe I’ll edit it out for the sharing.We’ll see how things go.

Anyway, hope you are doing well!

Write on,


On JotterPad, Word Counts, and Challenges

Earlier today I challenged myself and anyone else who cares to be challenge to some NaNo prep work. If you recall, I started writing a 12,500 word short story today. My final word count of the day: 2,540*. Mind you, this was not done in one chunk (though most of it was), and it was not the only thing I did today, but I did use a lot of my spare moments that are usually empty to write, like while the beans were cooking, snuggled with one of my cats, and even while I was in line at the grocery store.

Hold up, how was I writing while I was at the grocery store? A phone app called jotterpad. I was skeptical, I searched a bunch of “writing” apps, even downloaded evernote, but I went with jotterpad because it is simple, and makes me think of cute little otters. Anyway, I’ve written the whole thing on my phone so far. I really like the simplicity and ease, and you better bet it’s going to make me a faster texter!

I am pretty much exhausted from my day at this point, and will be calling it quits for anything productive…after I make tomorrow’s lunches.

I hope to hear you joining my challenge!

Write on,


*I still hate doing word counts. But on productive days, it’s great to look back and see that you really did write a lot, and that writing is not as crazy a thing to do as we thought. Give me time, I’ll come round to the word counters point of view.

Are you thinking about NaNo? I have a challenge for you.

I know, I know. It’s not time yet. We all have those other WIPs and we just can’t think about writing a whole new story in November. Right?

Well, sort of. I’m not going to go into NaNo prep – not yet. At least not specifically. But I have a challenge (for myself and all of you!) that may help get the juices flowing so that we are ready when NaNo does come around.

As we know, NaNo challenges us to write 50,000 words (a full-length novel) in 30 days. My challenge is two parts.

Part One: A short story of 12,500 words. (Or over) Easy peasy, right? Okay, sure. But do it in 12 days. (Yes, time frame is pretty much arbitrary. I didn’t say it was a logical challenge.)

Part Two: After part one and a short rest period, say 4 days. Step it up to 25,000 words in 30 days.

This challenge is, largely about accountability for my own goals. We train for a marathon, right? Well, NaNo is our writing marathon and we’d better get in shape. I’m starting part one today, so by September 6th I should have my 12,500 words. You can start on any date, I’m not picky. Will it be easy? I don’t know yet. I’m running on about 5 hours of really poor sleep, so maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew. And maybe I’m headed in the right direction.

If you are taking my challenge, let me know. Obviously you don’t have to tell me, but I’d sure like to know if anyone else is interested in this! And in seeing the results!

Write on,


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