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A Brief History of the Ibvailyn Empire: conclusion

I don’t know very much about what happens after Sohndre declared himself Emperor. I’m still working it out. I do know that there were there are ten other emperors/empresses between him and Emperor Nasoldre who is ruling when my story takes place. I know that Sohndre began by taking over the Ice Hills. From there Ibvail claimed Koreiy, Salvyn, and Djare as their own. Then they sailed across the Oabrit Sea to begin conquering the Far Continent. I have yet to write anything about this time in chronological order. I just know that it happens.

My aim in having written the “brief history” is that no setting is complete without knowing how the people got to where they are. Sure, you can just say, “it’s an empire,” but it wasn’t always. There was something different before and if you don’t know what that was, there will be something lacking. I always tell a dear friend of mine that in writing, consistency is key. I think history, whether it is a character’s personal history or a nation’s, is immensely important to staying consistent.

One thing that I love about the Ibvailyn Empire is how thoroughly it contradicts itself. The people there follow the Path, a religion of peaceful teachings, and yet they have an army with which they conquer other nations! Sure, they may claim that they are trying to spread the Path and gain Oneness with all, but peace can’t be spread through violence. I love the contradiction, because it is so real. As one of my college professors loved to say “humans are great at living with contradiction.” Inside all of us are contradicting thoughts and feelings. It wouldn’t be any different for people just because they’re fictional. It wouldn’t be different for the nations they live in. Fiction is just a reflection of reality. That means all aspects of things in reality ought to be mirrored in writing, from creating histories to realistic emotions. Good luck.

Take care, fellow travelers.


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