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Thinking Back 2

On Monday, I posted about writing in high school. One thing that I didn’t mention, was that EVERYTHING was an inspiration when I was in high school. I briefly mentioned that a friend and I wrote a novel in high school. We did this over a year and a half, and the whole thing was set in the town we lived in, and the school we went to. Walking down the hall was an inspiration. Our boyfriends were inspirations. Our friendship was inspiration.

Just because I am not in high school anymore doesn’t mean that I can’t still be inspired by everything around me. In fact, I am still inspired by almost everything. But I don’t use the inspiration like I used to. I think about how cool an idea is, and start thinking of the story it could become, and then I –

Stop. Just like that. I let it go and move on. Why? Part of the reason is because I am so focused on getting QFS done, I don’t feel that I have room for anything else in my head right now. I am also tired. I’ve been running so hard the last two months that I am finally at a point where I just need to take a break, take a breath, and take a moment to gather my thoughts. That means cleaning out the cobwebby inspiration that is blocking my creativity.

I never had that problem in high school. Everything that inspired me went into the book. (Part of the reason it was so bad! With two people putting every detail in, it is bound to collapse.) I had no cobwebs because I used everything right away. I didn’t let it sit, didn’t let the ideas grow or molder. They were just used right away.

Take a moment to clear out the cobwebs. Take a deep breath, and then carry on.

Take care, fellow travelers.

Thinking Back

When I was in high school, I dreaded PE. All that running and sweating and softballs being thrown by over-zealous athletes was NOT my idea of fun. I was the kid who purposefully tried to get out in dodgeball, and let everyone else get brought back in first. And yet, I do have fond memories of PE. Well, of our PE free-time.

There were times when PE was cut short due to a late start or an early out, or we had finished a unit or our teachers were just feeling nice. Those days were the best, because while the athletic students would play basketball or tennis or any number of games, the rest of us sat in the bleachers and did whatever we wanted. I would read, or write. I remember very clearly working with a friend on our novel (one that ought never be read, it’s so bad!) and giggling over the characters and their lives. I remember reading, completely oblivious to everything around me.

During the school day, I would read or write whenever I could. I learned that if I wanted more time for these activities, I had to get my work done before class. I developed an incredible work-ethic – for the sake of writing. I would go to school forty-five minutes early so that I could have quiet time to work ahead on assignments or get some reading in. My studyhalls were spent writing, usually in the school library. During class, when we were finished with the lecture or discussion (okay, sometimes DURING) and all my work was done, I would write. I still have my planners from the last three years of high school, and flipping through I can see paragraphs upon paragraphs of the miniscule cursive I used to make sure no one else could read what I was writing.

Writing is a lot of work. Now, I struggle with it as I do not have a rigid schedule to follow. I struggle with coming home from work, and knowing I should write, but having to choose chores or cooking over writing. Writing was a lot of work in high school, too, but it never felt that way.

I am making it my goal to edit one chapter per week until I am finished. Starting today, I am going to try my hardest to accomplish this. It will be a lot of work, but the time will pass whether I do it or not. I would rather get it done, and take pleasure in the fact that I finished another round of editing.

Take care, fellow travelers.

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