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The Unknown

Do you ever get to that point in your project, when you start to wonder what you’ll write  next? Not the next page or chapter, but your next book. I’m there now. I’ve finished yet another edit of Quest for Salvation (one that I was itching to do and once I got that rejection letter, I knew I could do it!), finished typing up the sequel, and I’m about 1/3 -1/2 of the way done with the third. I have an outline that takes me to the end, and I’ve been making steady progress.

So what will come next? I have lots of ideas, some I’ve even started writing out the first few pages. But they don’t feel right yet. It could be because I’m still immersed in Lacey’s world, it could be because I’ve spent so much time there building it up that everything else just feels hollow. I logically know that the next project I settle on will grow and develop to be just as good, if not better, than my current one.

To be honest, I’m trying my best to push back this worry and just focus on the writing – which works when I am actually, physically writing. I know I have a long way to go and a lot of time left with these manuscripts – after all book 2 is only a first draft – yeesh!

But I also like to plan ahead. And that means starting to think what I will do next. Will I stay in the same world and pick a different character, a different time? I have plenty to choose from! And a part of me yearns to write those stories as well. Another part, however, whispers, “Go somewhere else for a while. See different worlds. Don’t neglect your other ideas.” And it is this voice that has me wondering what, then, I will write next.

For now, I will keep writing what I’m writing, keep stewing on other ideas, and when the time comes, I will have another idea settled to shape and form and make great.

Take care,



The Beginning

On my way home from work today, I had story ideas swirling about in my head. Nothing concrete, nothing I want to pursue just yet. It got me thinking about “what if magic was the norm in an otherwise modern world?” In all fairness, this isn’t a particularly new theme for me, though the modern world part is. But in thinking this I realized something about QFS (yes, it’s still always coming back to that. Someday I’ll have something new to talk about!).

I’ve told myself and everyone who cares to know that the origins of QFS began in my freshman year of college, when I wrote a short story. But today, walking in the beautiful sunshine and thinking about magic, I had an amazing moment of enlightenment. Long ago, I wrote a few scenes for a story in which a princess (I was probably elementary or middle school, so don’t judge my princess) was the only person without magic in her society, but because of her rank her failing was tolerated.

Jump ahead to 2010 and we get Lacey Wentwether, a young woman who, living in a magic-centric society, is without this power. Admittedly, Lacey is no princess and her lack of magic is a sore spot as she is barely tolerated by many and actively discriminated against by some.

The point of this is that the root of my story, at least part of it, took hold long before I realized. Any story can do this. Any idea can have seedlings, inklings, beginnings in the smallest thoughts. So even if an idea goes no where, don’t lose hope. It may come up again, it may be central to the story that crops up sometime in the distant future.

Keep writing,


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