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Make More Art

Write me a story. Write me a poem.  A song.  Draw me a picture.  Paint me a sky.




(Examples of some my non- writing art. Pen is my favorite medium,  whether for writing or drawing.)

Art is living. Without art,  we are nothing, just creatures roaming this earth with empty souls. Art shows us meaning when daily life cannot.

When I see a painting, it captures my heart and then rides there forever,  even when I can’t recall the image. Because it made me feel. It stirred up the parts of me that become stagnant,  starved for light. Hearing a song,  reading a book, watching a play,  these things awake passion for the world, passion to create.

Art has no limit. If there is beauty in it,  it is art. If it awakes a longing to be of the world,  it is art. Art can be both deliberate and accidental. Art is planning a garden,  composing a song,  creating a recipe.  The list goes on and on.


(Not my image.  Found on pinterest.)

So make more art.  Go where your heart takes you.  Make mistakes.  Make discoveries. Find what makes your soul come alive and sing the wonder of the world. Spread that wonder.

Take care,  fellow travelers.

Poetry III

I’ve mentioned before that I think poetry is a dying art, and this saddens me. However, I was reading “The Storytelling Animal” by Jonathan Gottschall and I came across something that made me think twice. He asserted that poetry is not dying, and is in fact thriving. He says that songs are poetry set to music.

On the one hand I agree with this assessment. The way songs are written are, typically, the same or similar ways as poems are written.

However, without the beat of the music song lyrics don’t seem to have the same flow or rhythm. (The same can be said, I suppose, about many poems lacking rhythm.) In addition, lyrics (when spoken rather than sung) tend to annoy me with the repetitiveness, though in poetry I don’t mind repetition.

I love music, and I love poetry. I’m just don’t think they are as interchangeable as Gottschall believes.

What are your thoughts on poetry and songs?

Take care, fellow travelers.

Friday Inspiration – Music

Music inspires me more than anything else. The first time I realized this was in high school. I was listening to Evanescence non-stop and writing a joint-story with one of my best friends. The music shaped the story and made it into what it was (which, admittedly, could have been better). Even now, I have a hard time listening to certain songs by Evanescence without remembering those characters and scenes. The one that will forever be the song of Elyza (the character that I was in charge of) is My Immortal.

As my writing developed, I kept playlists for my stories (as many writers do). The artists included in these posts ranges from Breaking Benjamin to Enya and beyond. My tastes in music are eclectic, though it doesn’t always appear that way.

I believe that music speaks to the soul in a way that few other things can. Not many writers have the ability to craft a story and it’s characters well enough to compete with music (though I love books all the same).

For a sample of the music I listen to for inspiration follow this link to a playlist I have on 8tracks.

Does music inspire you? Which artists/songs/genres?

Take care, fellow travelers.

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