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NaNo Prep: Clean

That’s right, clean. If you are anything like me, you let the mess in the house build for two weeks and then do a crazy weekend of organizing, scrubbing, and general tidying. That’s really not a good way to tidy your place (be it a single room, an apartment, or an actual house).

Okay, so what does that have to do with NaNo? Messes are distracting. Especially when you are facing a huge goal with a deadline looming closer with every minute. What do we do when we have deadlines? Procrastinate. Especially if we have a nice, distracting thing to clean, fix, or figure out.

So to avoid that distraction/procrastination, get it out of the way before November. Yes, of course throughout the month there will be other things that you have to clean, but if the big problems are out of the way, it will take less of your time, leaving more for writing.

EXTRA TIP: Make meal plans and freeze meals. If you are an adult or usually make your own meals, do so in advance. Even just knowing what you will make each day of the week (or who will be cooking it) will help you plan for writing. And, if you can do healthy, home-cooked meals, that will help your brain power!

Next time: Time Hunt

Thursday Inspiration

Yesterday in my search for inspiration I came across this quote from Douglas Adams:

“It takes an awful lot of time to not write a book.”

At first glance, it’s just another whimsical musing, a little teaser to help get us writers back to work. Then I looked a little closer at it, analyzed it. Think of all the people you know who haven’t tried writing a book, or keep putting it off. I know someone who has been saying “I’m going to write that book,” for about six years. Six years. I wrote my first draft in just over two years!* And that was with going to college full-time. If this unnamed person would have just sat down and written the book, it would be done by now. It would probably be published.

Think a little further. Look at how much time we writers (or any sort of artist) spend procrastinating! I know I spend about half of my writing time jumping between four or five different websites, or watching TV shows on Netflix or Hulu. What a waste! If I spent that time writing instead of procrastinating, I’d be done so much sooner, ready to send manuscripts to publishers! (That being said, I also know that procrastination is a part of my process, and that sometimes it helps get my brain going to analyze other story-lines and catch all the little details.)

So here is the thing: Write. Stop putting it off. Stop checking blog posts and email and Facebook. Go, be creative. It’s good for you. The sooner you start the sooner you will have that manuscript ready to send out. Good luck.

Take care, fellow travelers.

*I think in a previous post I said it was three. I am very bad at math. It was two years.

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