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On Romance, Writing, and Words

I think I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to reading (and therefore writing). I’ve read a few romance novels in my time. I can’t really say whether I enjoyed them or not. There’s a thrill of reading them, probably because they have content that I was raised thinking “forbidden” or “dirty,” but the stories themselves aren’t what I want to read. The same goes for writing. I have learned, while writing my short story for my NaNo Prep Challenge, that I 100% do not want to write romances. A romantic subplot, sure. But not anything that could be put in the romance genre. It just isn’t for me*.

And where is this headed?  Well, I’m telling you that I will not be sharing my short story here. I am simply not comfortable with it. That isn’t what I want to write or be known for.

That being said, I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made! 7,512 words as of this evening. I probably won’t be writing any more tonight, but that’s good because I’m a little burnt out from it today. Tomorrow I will keep on going. I think, Unfortunately, that my first draft will be a little short unless I can string out some more events (I don’t know what, though!). Luckily, I’m on track for finishing before my 12 days are up so I can have time to add some more detail and edit and stuff to get my word count to 12,500.

Write on,


*Though if it is for you – that’s awesome! Keep at it!



The number of words I’ve written in my Nano writing prep challenge. Right on track! Though admittedly the story is not superb. Next one MAY be better.

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