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Submission Summary

You may remember (though if I’m honest probably not!) that a couple of years ago (2013, oof) I posted some practice summaries for QFS. Reading them now, I cringe a little bit. Yes, they got the point across. No, they were not well crafted. So when I was putting together my submission packet I knew I had to step up my game. A crummy blurb isn’t going to win me any points! This is what I sent in my cover letter:

“Quest for Salvation” is the story of Lacey Wentwether, a young woman who has seen too much death. She longs for the simple life that will come with her cartographer’s title. When she is offered a place on an historic voyage, she has the opportunity to prove herself – and to escape the past. But to do so means abandoning her friends and life in the capital to journey into unknown lands. In the search for a mystical remnant of the past, everyone seems to have a hidden agenda. When motives become unclear, no one is free of suspicion. At the core of it all, a spirit cursed by the gods threatens to reduce Lacey, her companions, and the entire world to ashes.


Summary Number Three

I did more writing this weekend than I normally do. Mostly I was working on the first couple of chapters of Book 2 (while I let Book 1 rest) but I also spent several hours revising my summary. Here is the new and improved version!

Lacey Wentwether has seen too much death. She longs for the simple life that will come with her cartographer’s title. When she is offered a place on an historic voyage, she grasps at the opportunity to prove herself – and to escape the past. The voyage is more dangerous than she expects. The spirit of a woman punished by the gods has escaped her prison – and killed in front of Lacey – and the purpose of the voyage is to find a way to stop the spirit-woman before she destroys the entire Empire.

When the Emperor’s advisor warns Lacey that she ought not talk about what she has witnessed and the secrets she knows, she realizes that the past won’t let go so easily. Grounded in her belief in connection – and in the goodness of people – Lacey soon finds herself fighting for her life in a world both terrifying and beautiful. Through it all, the spirit of a woman responsible for the destruction of an entire race haunts Lacey’s steps, seeking revenge.

Alright! So I think that the second paragraph still needs work. My big question is about  “a world both terrifying and beautiful.” Should I say more about it – more about the people she encounters or the hardships she faces, or does that get into spoiler territory? What do you think?

Take care, fellow travelers!

A Summary

On Monday, I posted a practice summary. Here is another that I have been working on. It still needs work, but I like it better than the other.

Lacey Wentwether longs for a simple life. She’s found her place in Ruslaht, the Imperial City, and wants no more than to earn her Cartographers Title. When she is offered a place on an historic voyage through the Edges, she grasps at the chance. She knows that during the journey she will earn her title and come back a full-cartographer. But the voyage is more dangerous than she expects. Soon Lacey is fighting for her life against evils both human and magical, and desperately trying to hold on to the hope that she will return home.

What do you think? Would you pick up the book based on this summary?

Take care, fellow travelers!

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