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A Poem About Tea

Last week, I had a couple of days when I drank more tea than usual. And from this extra tea-drinking, came a little poem. It’s not great, but I enjoyed writing it and so I will share it now.

Ten and a half cups of tea

Ten and a half cups for me!

Warm and tangy on my tongue

Warm and tangy every one!

Hot in my hands, heat me through

Hot in my hands, fingers too!

Ten and a half cups for me

Ten and a half cups of tea!

Take care, fellow travelers.


When I Write

When I write, I love silence. I love rainy, or at least cloudy days. I love a cup of tea on the radiator beside my desk. I love my cats snoring as they sleep. When I am writing, everything is peaceful.

I know a lot of aspiring writers who can’t write without music, or write the best when they are traveling, or any number of little quirks. I suppose writing in the quiet is my own quirk. I love the morning for this, because so much of the world is still asleep, or at least wanting to still be asleep. It leaves a stillness all around, one that I soak up and use to write.

When I write, when I really write, the world disappears for a while and I see only what is in my head.

Sometimes, the people around me, be they family or friends, get irritated with my need for stillness. I can’t explain why I need it, only that I do. Sometimes I wonder if it is because I think too much – because my head is always spinning off on another tangent of thought. Other times, I know it’s because I am an introvert, and the silence is just something that is good for me. It can be a wild ride, to need to write, but be unable to focus because of everything happening around me. Sometimes it really irritates me and puts me in a foul mood. Other times I think, “oh well, I guess I’m not going to write right now,” and I do something else.

I suppose this has been a bit of a ramble. But this morning it is still and I was inspired to write about the stillness.

Take care, fellow travelers.

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