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NaNo Prep: The Medium

Paper, phone app, pencil, pen, Word, Scrivener. We have a lot of choices when it comes to what medium we use for writing. I know plenty of people (myself included) who like to handwrite everything before transcribing it onto the computer. I also know that (it would seem) the majority of writers type their first drafts.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. And to be fair, it still comes down to personal preference. HOWEVER. When writing for NaNo, we must keep track of our word count, and that is easier with a computer or phone based system. Sure, we could count the the words we write, even count a few pages and do some quick math with averages and multiplying, but that would take an excessive amount of time. We could transcribe everything, essentially doubling our time working on the book, but we’re already pressed for time.

For these reasons I highly suggest typing from the start, because it will make the process smoother. I plan on using google docs because I can access it from any computer, and from my phone. That way I can write during down time when I’m out as well as during my designated writing times.

Whatever you choose, though, is perfect for you.

Next time: Keep Reading


The major downfall of handwriting all my drafts: transcribing them. I hate typing, have almost since I learned to do it. It’s not that I’m a bad typist (though I don’t have the “correct” form – I am able to type without looking at the keyboard though, so I don’t care if my form is correct or not (honestly, did you think I would, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not always a rule-girl!)). Mostly it is that typing for long periods of time makes either my hands or wrists hurt, and always this one spot in my shoulder muscle. Very unpleasant. Plus I just hate the posture it puts my body in. All around, typing is uncomfortable for me (probably part of what drives me to hand-write everything in the first place).

So it’s probably no surprise to you that I haven’t typed anymore of SOTD since my last update. It is still sitting in my desk drawer, patiently waiting while I pretend not to notice that nagging need to get it in a less-losable form. I have, however, continued to work on book three. I’m on the third chapter now, and feeling good. I’ll be excited to tell you more about books two and three one of these days. Though in all fairness I’m waiting largely because QFS is in submission, and I want to get that out to you before I start going into books two and three (spoilers, you know?).

Anyway, it’s going to be my goal this week to type some more, but we’ll see how that goes! If nothing else, at least I am writing!

(In other news, I’m about halfway through Marie Brennan’s book The Tropic of Serpents, the sequel to A Natural History of Dragons. I’m trying to take book two slower because it might be a little while before I can get my hands on book 3 of that series. And it’s a great one to read slowly – though I’ll be honest, today I devoured about a fourth of the thing.)


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