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NEOPHYTE – 1)a new convert. 2)one just beginning a new kind of life, work, etc.

OBFUSCATE – 1)to cloud over; obscure; make dark or unclear. 2)to muddle; confuse; bewilder/

PHLEGMATIC – sluggish, dull, apathetic.

SOPORIFIC – causing or tending to cause sleep

Take care, fellow travelers.

Words for Wednesday

Hey! (Is for horses, I know, but that’s spelled HAY, so let’s not have that joke (btw, I’m feeling silly).)

It’s been a while since I posted any vocab, so I have a few new words for you all!

LACONIC – brief or terse in speech or expression; using few words.

NEOTERIC – 1)recent, new, newly invented. 2) a modern person; one accepting new ideas and practices.

SEDULOUS – 1)working hard and steadily; diligent. 2)constant, persistent.

Also, I would like you to know that these definitions come from an actual dictionary (Meriam-Webster Collegiate, I believe), not like some of those words that float around the internet and are not actually in the dictionary (that drives me nuts…).

Take care, fellow travelers!

Wednesday Words

Quite a while back I said that I would start posting weekly vocabulary words. Well, that hasn’t gone very well.* Then a couple weeks ago I posted about how writing poetry forces a person to expand their vocabulary. This reignited my interest in sharing words, and so here are some!

ALLAY – to put (fears, etc.) to rest; to lessen or alleviate pain, grief, etc.

BELLICOSE – of quarrelsome or hostile nature; eager to fight or quarrel.

CIRCUMLOCUTION – a roundabout, indirect, or lengthy way of expressing something.

DELETERIOUS – harmful to health or well-being

Take care, fellow travelers.


Weekly Words

I, like all writers,  love words. New words in particular are most exciting,  and I try to incorporate them into my daily lexicon. (see what I did there?) So to spread this excitement,  I am initiating a weekly post (on Mondays) with words to use during the week.  I will include definitions and examples and will try to use the words in blog posts as well asdaily conversation.

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